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  • Tay Lotus

5 Categories of Dreams

Dream experiences serve a purpose, reflect messages and are meant to be acknowledged by the dreamer when remembered. A dream not interpreted is like a message that remains unread. If able to understand the context of a dream, the dreamer can gain clarity on the message of the dream and potentially why it was experienced.

Dreams allow the dreamer access to others dimensions and realms, as well as personal emotions, past events, trauma, problem-solving, the collective and psychic/intuitive insight. When a soul opens up to the dreamworld, they are opening up to the spiritual self and their inner world. Exploring dreams reveals reflections of self, and is a strong component to the spiritual development of consciousness.

There are numerous types of dreams that can be experienced. Below I have outlined 5 dream experiences that most dreamers have.

5 Categories of Dreams

Release Dreams - these dreams process emotions, situations, feelings, traumas and overall pain that is not released and yearning to be acknowledged or let go of. These dreams arise when a soul’s consciousness is in a state that is able to process the pain that was once stored. Release dreams can be triggered from current waking life or past stored memory. These dreams may give the dreamer strong sensations of emotions and feelings. Release dreams are healthy to experience and can help a soul in their healing process.

Release Dreams are necessary for releasing emotions and trapped energy. There could be feelings or events that are difficult to handle in waking life, and become suppressed into the subconscious. When the conscious aspect of the psyche has a difficult time processing, the psyche will more than likely release the energy through a dream. This gives the dreamer an opportunity to resolve inner conflict, or allow the dreamer to release what needs to be let go of. If there is a specific experience that was traumatic, the scene may replay or be fragmented to a degree that allows the psyche to be able to face the trauma. When unable to release through dreaming, there can be energetic blocks that cause illness, personality dysfunction or fragmenting within the psyche.

Problem Solving Dreams - these dreams relate to current problems and how to resolve/process them.

Problem solving dreams can appear when experiencing something that a soul is currently struggling to solve or figured out. These dreams can reflect any area of waking life that is being viewed as problematic. When dreaming about a problem, the dreamer has a chance to view the problem through a different lens and visual experience. The dreamer can approach their problem differently and work through it on another level. This can help to reveal aspects of self and another side to a situation, person or problem. These dreams are open portals to receive answers on an intuitive level.