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Calcite - Amplifier & Cleanser

Calcite is an amplifier and cleanser, infusing that which it encounters with strong currents of vital life force energy. Depending on the shape of this stone, it can be utilized to instigate a flow of energy, absorb and clear energy, and charge the energetic state of an object, living being or person with positive energy.

This stone is known for increasing and amplifying healing, learning and awareness. Not only a cleanser for the material world, Calcite is also believed to be a potent spiritual cleanser, helping oneself change perspectives and renew commitment to change. It also has protective properties against negative energy; physical or psychological attacks.

The mineral of Calcite is found everywhere, especially as limestone. A vast amount of this stone is formed from the shells of dead marine organisms, and can also be derived from volcanic and mantle rocks. Calcite has been used in society more than any other stone, as construction material, pigment, agriculture soil treatment, pharmaceuticals, acid neutralizer and much more. High-grade Calcite was used in WW|| for bomb sights, gun sights and anti-aircraft weaponry from its easy availability and durability when in a large mass. The largest known Calcite producing countries as of now are Malaysia, Belgium-Luxembourg, Norway, Vietnam and France. While the top importer countries as of 2022 include India, Germany, Finland and Indonesia.

Physical Properties of Calcite

Calcite is composed of calcium carbonate, and naturally occurs in sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks, rich in calcium bicarbonate. This mineral can be commonly found in many places around the world, making it one of the most accessible crystals world-wide. It’s also been referred to as Iceland Spar and Calcspar. There are two other known kinds of Calcite; Aragonite and Magnesian Calcite. These varieties impact its geometric shape and form, as well as its soluble levels.

Calcite can grow in different formations such as rhomboidal or prismatic, and as compact granular masses such as limestone and marble. In its fibrous form, it’s known as alabaster - translucent forms of gypsum, and resonates at a 3 on the Mohs scale, quite soft and tends to be fragile with chipping or flaking.

This mineral is often fluorescent, and grows in a variety of colors and depths of transparency; colorless, white, yellow, gray, blue, blue-brown, orange, pink, red, green and black. Because Calcite naturally occurs in different forms and colors, it has vast spiritual and metaphysical qualities, able to be used for a wide range of healing purposes.

(See Colors and Meanings below for information on the healing properties of each color)

Healing Properties of Calcite

Regardless of color, Calcite is a mineral of amplification and cleansing. The frequency of this mineral amplifies the energy that surrounds it, acting as a conductor for charging, increasing energy and promoting invigorating flushes of old - stagnant habits or emotions.

This mineral encourages a deep ‘spring cleaning’, creative expression and washing away/cleansing negativity. Because of its amplification abilities, Calcite charges, clears and energizes the chakra system, as well as promotes growth and development; mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually. From its cleansing abilities, this mineral brings an invigorating flush of fresh energy to clear out stagnant habits or patterns, unhook anchors of weight or entanglement and leave one feeling lighter and more free.

A room can be cleaned of all negative energy, and household energy levels can increase from the presence of one piece of calcite. Higher planes of thinking can be accessed, and hidden or dormant psychic abilities can be awakened and harnessed when carrying Calcite. This mineral helps to reconnect oneself to the soul, and stabilize all energy systems; mind - body - soul. Calcite vibrates on a highly spiritual level, being a natural clearing and cleansing agent for muddy moments and times of non-clarity.

Physically, Calcite fortifies the immune system, strengthens joints and bones, and helps in the absorption of calcium. It also aids in dissolving calcification from broken bones and arthritis. This mineral helps to increase blood clotting, and promotes muscle and tissue healing. Calcite resonates with skin health as well, and can be utilized to relieve acne, ulcers, wounds, warts and skin diseases. This mineral stimulates the fire element, and aids in the movement and direction of energy through the full chakra system.

Mentally, Calcite helps to remove blockages and aids in moving beyond old, past patterns of thought and behavior. This mineral enhances one’s ability to change an idea into action, with clarity of mind and heart. The frequency of Calcite helps to calm the mind, while giving instinctual insight important to the present moment; showing how oneself can best analyze a situation. This mineral is helpful for students wanting to study more effectively, encouraging strong focus and deep absorption of knowledge. It can also be utilized to enhance or boost memory; long term or short term. Calcite has the capacity to open one’s awareness of beings in higher realms of vibration as well, bringing experiences of great joy and pleasure.

Emotionally, Calcite cleanses, refreshes and revitalizes. This mineral brings hope and motivation into one’s life, and can be utilized to combat laziness by infusing oneself with more energy on all levels. By breaking up emotional blockages, more energy is able to pulse through the rest of one’s system. This mineral has stabilizing qualities, and can help to increase one’s ability to trust themselves and others. The frequency of Calcite is incredibly helpful when needing to overcome setbacks in life, as this mineral clears away heavy emotions and charges the spirit with optimism and positivity. Calcite connects the emotions to intellect, allowing oneself to deepen emotional intelligence. It can help to view the world through ‘new, refreshed eyes’, enabling oneself to see the joy within all aspects of life.

Spiritually, Calcite encourages communication and communion with angelic beings of high vibration. The frequency of this mineral opens interdimensional doorways and aids in facilitating connection with a wide range of higher vibrational beings. Calcite is a highly spiritual stone, holding connection with higher planes of consciousness that aids oneself in opening higher personal awareness, as well as psychic abilities. This mineral aids in soul remembrance and spiritual development, ideal for expansion and growth on all levels.

Colors and Meanings


Clear Calcite resonates with all chakras, and has extra impact on the third eye and crown chakra. This color of calcite aids in clear vision, psychic insight and intuitive development. Also known as Optical Calcite or Iceland Spar Calcite, this mineral improves physical sight, relaxes eye muscles and aids in the healing process of eye diseases, injuries and surgeries. Clear Calcite can dissolve energy blockages, dispel stagnation, break up density in energy templates and stimulate a strong current of energy flow throughout the auric system.

Clear Calcite helps oneself gain a clear understanding of feelings that upset or disturb, offering a clear window into personal energy hooks, cords and attachments that drain. This mineral removes these energy hooks and cords, allowing love to easily flow into the heart. Simultaneously, this charges the solar plexus chakra to welcome in a deeper sense of self-confidence. Call upon Clear Calcite when desiring to ‘read between the lines’ or see through the heart of a situation. This color of Calcite aids in releasing fear based mindsets or scarcity based motivations from one’s actions and creations. This is a mineral of clarity and forgiveness. Calcite encourages surrender to the universe and trust in the universe’s ability to guide the self from within. This frequency helps awaken psychic senses; clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance, clairgustation, clairolfaction.

White (Stellar Beam)

White Calcite resonates with the crown chakra, connection to the universe and the mind. This color of Calcite amplifies and cleanses energy, infusing thoughts with purity and positivity. White Calcite is a healer of spirit and enriches one’s connection to the universe. This is an ideal stone when feeling lonely or disconnected, as this frequency awakens the connection to All and universal love.

Stellar Beam Calcite is relatively inactive on a physical level, although useful for psychic surgery and alignment with Light. This mineral assists in aligning oneself with Divine Will and empowering the self to progress on the highest path. White Calcite can be used to clear the aura of negative thought forms, patterns or habits that may still remain after oneself has done conscious healing work. This is one of the most powerful minerals for invoking Light and using as a psychic surgery tool. Stellar Beam Calcite helps to align oneself with the highest guides and angels, serving helpful for cleaning the energetic field after returning from shamanic journeys, and for clearing spaces of negative thought entities, poltergeists and lingering imprints or patterns of imbalance.


Yellow Calcite resonates with the solar plexus chakra, transition periods, self-esteem and positive energy. This color of Calcite helps build confidence and courage, as well as a positive outlook on self and others. Yellow Calcite is stabilizing during transition times and aids in smooth shifts. This mineral resonates with power and honesty, and helps to focus personal power so truth can be shared and expressed. This color of Calcite is helpful when overcoming internal and external challenges and obstacles.

Physically, Yellow Calcite brings awareness to food digested, reminding oneself to choose foods wisely. This color of Calcite is beneficial for the entire digestive tract, and rejuvenates the gut system. It is helpful for assisting in transitioning from one way of being to another, and eases transformations. Yellow Calcite illuminates one’s path, and helps to sort out feelings to release any fears of change. Emotionally, this color of Calcite encourages optimism, healthy self-esteem and a positive attitude. Yellow Calcite aligns with the solar plexus chakra, helping to connect with the center of one’s personal power. With a strong sense of self, anything can be achieved. Spiritually, Yellow Calcite connects to archangels, and helps oneself access new and different realities. This stone serves as a portal through which spiritual truths are revealed, resulting in realizations and new perspectives. When working with Yellow Calcite, taking a different path often leads to more realizations and new discoveries.


Red Calcite resonates with the root chakra, grounding, strength and physical endurance. This color of Calcite encourages balancing emotions and a strong current of energy in the nervous system. Red calcite helps to bring out raw strength from within. Out of all colors of Calcite, Red Calcite harbors the most grounding and stabilizing frequency.

Physically, Red Calcite supports a healthy flow of lymph and blood through the genitals, feet, ankles and knees, as well as helps to balance the endocrine system and regulate hormones. This color of Calcite encourages bone growth and density, quite helpful when healing broken bones or in instances of bone degeneration. Red Calcite helps to strengthen blood, and is useful when an activity requires physical endurance. Keep this mineral close when starting a new business or a new facet of an existing business; this frequency will help the process by infusing oneself with confidence and motivation. This color of Calcite assists in healing the large intestine, and can add sensuality, sexuality and libido to one’s life. This is an ideal mineral for supporting reproductive health, pregnancy and birth. Mentally, Red Calcite is grounding and helps to stay focused, concentrated and motivated towards goals. This color of Calcite encourages integrating new core beliefs into one’s mindset around money, wealth and prosperity. Utilize this mineral to access the ‘abundance mindset’.

Emotionally, Red Calcite helps to uncover core issues stored in the base chakra and solar plexus chakra. This frequency helps to overcome fears around sexuality and the expression of passion or affection. It also helps to prevent an overextension of energies, alleviating feelings of overwhelm. Utilize this mineral when struggling to dredge up what needs to be addressed; Calcite helps the moment an emotional issue starts, so oneself is able to awaken awareness of it and heal it once and for all. Red Calcite encourages feeling more vital, energetic and willing to experience life. Spiritually, this mineral has grounding properties and helps to counteract excessive spaciness. Red Calcite gives a stronger connection to Mother Earth, and can assist oneself in feeling more comfortable being physical, by increasing enjoyment of sensory experiences. This color of Calcite assists in seeing the sacred in the mundane, and amplifies the understanding of teachings in spirituality.


Orange Calcite resonates with the sacral chakra, creativity, joy and sensuality. This color of calcite amplifies energy and radiates positive, rejuvenated energy. Orange Calcite is the stone of fertility, and can be utilized as a powerful tool for creating new life or creative projects.

Physically, Orange Calcite supports the fire element systems of the body; the endocrine system and hormonal balance, the digestive system and metabolism, the sexual organs and sexuality. It is useful for the reproductive system, large intestine, kidneys, bladder and mammary glands. This color of Calcite removes blockages from the meridian system and stimulates the sacral and solar plexus chakra. Orange Calcite promotes self care and knowing what would best serve oneself. This is an ideal mineral for chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists and body workers, as it supports the positive effects of spinal cord alignments. This color of Calcite eases aches and pains of muscular tension, as well as arthritis. Mentally, Orange Calcite encourages playfulness, imagination, creativity and action. It is helpful when wanting to catapult into action and bring ideas to fruition.

The frequency of Orange Calcite stimulates the aura and physical body. This color of Calcite helps to process feelings that have been stored for a long time, encouraging a gentle release of stuck emotions. Orange Calcite is naturally self-nurturing, and is an ideal mineral for installing positive thoughtforms or mental energy in the emotional body immediately after an emotional release. It can also boost self-esteem and help to assert boundaries. Utilize Orange Calcite if shy or dealing with social phobias, as this vibration eases expression and rejuvenates the body of depression, lethargy and hopelessness. Spiritually, Orange Calcite brings solar energy into the vibrational field (aura) and physical body. This frequency aligns thoughts with inner will, improving one's ability to take action towards goals. This color of Calcite can be utilized when doing shamanic work, as it serves as a gentle guide to the inner works of the emotional body through spiritual practice. This mineral is also helpful during times of rebirth or when practicing any holistic healing modalities.


Blue Calcite resonates with the throat chakra, vision, decision making and clarity. This color of Calcite invites truth to be spoken and shared, as well as visions and ideas to be explored. Blue Calcite can help to overcome writer’s block, as well as be used to clear the throat chakra when feeling hesitant to share information with others - especially that of spiritual knowledge. This color of Calcite encourages grounding, to better focus, complete work and stay on track. Blue Calcite is helpful when making a career change involving metaphysics, new age, mysticism or spiritual pursuits.

Physically, Blue Calcite resonates with the throat and lungs. This color of Calcite helps to clear congestion in the lungs and respiratory system, stimulate lungs in expansion and utilization of oxygen, as well as relieve headaches. Emotionally, Blue Calcite influences calming energy, a decreasing of angst from raw emotions and helps to shift perspective towards peaceful acceptance. This color can help to express feelings through conversation, song or writing, as well as adjust the manner in which oneself chooses to communicate feelings. Mentally, Blue Calcite helps to take more responsibility for creating one’s own reality, aids in awareness of what is said and shared with others, and guides the self away from negative words and towards a more positive expression. This color of Calcite has a calming influence, and helps release stress, to be more optimistic and empowered in one’s outlook on themselves and life. Spiritually, Blue Calcite brings oneself in alignment with the celestial, spirit and angelic realms. It aids any pursuits focused toward the astrological, metaphysical or visionary. This color of Calcite helps to expand one’s consciousness to receive inspiration; an ideal mineral for metaphysicians, artists, musicians, writers and creators. Blue Calcite helps connect the self to a muse, as it eases expression of creative thoughts and ideas. This mineral focuses the mind on positive thought, enhancing the efficacy of positive affirmations. When it comes to psychic ability, this color of Calcite promotes the development of clairvoyance and telepathy.


Green Calcite resonates with the heart chakra, high energy and physical health. This color of Calcite softens the processes of life’s highs and lows, allowing more ease in healing and mending. This mineral encourages compassion, acceptance, forgiveness and a tender nurturing of the heart.

Physically, Green Calcite helps to process and absorb life with greater ease, as well as opens up channels of the heart for increased physical function. When used directly over the heart chakra, this color of Calcite aids in releasing buried emotions that may have manifested into a physical imbalance or disease. Green Calcite rebalances the digestive system, and promotes healthy function of the gallbladder, liver, pancreas, spleen and small intestine. The frequency of Green Calcite encourages air health as well, and influences positive energy and a balanced well being in one’s aura. This color of Calcite can also be utilized to stimulate the body to slow down decline and the effects of aging. Emotionally, Green Calcite aids in balancing emotions - especially when dealing with a change of heart. This frequency helps to heal a broken heart, as well as release and resolve any judgment or anger towards others or self. Green Calcite helps to recognize where self-improvement is needed, and gives the willingness and energy to change. It encourages feelings of kindness towards self, and can assist in overcoming phobias of social anxiety. This color of Calcite helps to stay focused on the love within and the loving relationships deserved.

Mentally, Green Calcite promotes positive thinking and a self-loving mindset. This color of Calcite helps the mind to process major changes; everything from small upsets to heavy traumas or unwanted changes. Utilize Green Calcite when wanting to heal on many levels of consciousness; mind - body - soul. Spiritually, this color of Calcite brings a renewed sense of purpose and vitality to one’s life, encouraging the desire to make positive changes in life. Green Calcite opens up the heart to receive love from the spiritual realm, and encourages tolerance, compassion and understanding. Green Calcite can be utilized as a tool for communicating with those on the other side and for heart-to-heart communication with others on the physical plane. This color of Calcite resonates with love-energy, as well as expressing compassion and goodwill towards others.

Purple-Pink (Cobalto)

Purple-Pink Calcite, also known as Cobalto Calcite, resonates with the crown chakra, the mind, and infinite wisdom. This color of Calcite amplifies the frequency of Divine Love, encouraging a discovery of the knowledge and wisdom found within. This color of Calcite helps the soul to know the energies of the Divine Mother in her various forms.

Physically, Purple-Pink Calcite renews vital life force energy, encourages motivation to exercise and move the body, and promotes good health and well being. This color of Calcite resonates with the vibrations of wealth and abundance, as well as the ability to manifest a life of wealth and abundance. Emotionally, Cobalto Calcite opens up the heart center at the core of consciousness. This color of Calcite is a mineral of love, a conduit for allowing heaven and earth to meet within one’s center; birthing love into all facets of life. Mentally, Purple-Pink Calcite encourages a positive mindset and balanced mental outlook on life. This color of Calcite helps to relax the mind and quiet down continuous chatter. This frequency is best helpful when needing to arrive at a solution to a problem. And spiritually, this color of Calcite activates infinite love, compassion, wisdom, tolerance and kindness. This mineral helps to awaken unconditional love, mercy and understanding within self.

Pink (Mangano)

Pink Calcite, also known as Mangano Calcite, resonates with healing the heart chakra, and letting go of pain and fear. This color of Calcite helps to express true feelings, as well as deeply heal wounded parts of the heart. Out of all colors of Calcite, Pink Calcite has the strongest healing abilities within the heart space and past wounding; an ideal stone when navigating therapy, shadow work and healing practices.

Physically, Pink Calcite is helpful for various diseases and conditions such as cancer, skin problems, lung disorders, diaphragm weakness or any disease that might be associated with a lack of feeling loved or being loving. Mangano Calcite helps put attention on the heart, to strengthen it and support its proper function. This color of Calcite can be used to increase blood flow throughout the circulatory system, as well as to help relieve insomnia. Pink Calcite assists in tissue regeneration and healing after trauma or surgery. This mineral can assist those with heart disease, especially those who have difficulty expressing true feelings. Mangano Calcite also aids in circulations, and the distribution and assimilation of nutrients in the body. Emotionally, Pink Calcite is an excellent mineral for overall health of the emotional body. This color of Calcite assists in clearing long standing emotional patterns, and clearing blocks to emotional expression. This mineral offers supportive energy to those dealing with deep grief, trauma or emotional hysteria. Mangano Calcite opens up the heart chakra and allows a release of prior feelings of hurt or fear, anger and frustration.

Mentally, Pink Calcite helps focus thoughts on positive thinking, encourages an uplifting mindset and a self-loving view. This color of Calcite is helpful when desiring to activate more loving thoughts and a self-supportive mindset. Mangano Calcite transforms less ideal mental thought patterns into thoughts of self love; increasing the ability to love and receive love from others. It can also be useful to increase concentration and focus. Spiritually, Pink Calcite helps to align the self with the Divine Mother, the highest form of motherly love. This is an ideal mineral for connecting to the feminine within everyone, to receive nurture, compassion, wisdom and truth.

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