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Sodalite - Mental Clarity & Psychic Illumination

Sodalite, the stone of Logic, carries great power within its mineral magic. Its frequency brings together the powers of water and air, birthing an influence of confidence, expression and creativity. Sodalite enhances one’s ability to be clear in mind and deeply introspective in thought. It’s an opaque mineral that forms in different shades of blue, more often with blue-gray flecks and white calcite. Commonly mistaken for Lapis Lazuli, this crystal most commonly radiates strong blues, while also possessing fluorescent qualities in some variations. It can be distinguished from Lapis Lazuli and Lazurite by its blue granules or luminous properties under exposure to daylight or UV light. When heating Sodalite, this mineral loses color and emits a luminous orange in long-wave ultraviolet light or short-wave blue light.

Physical Properties

Sodalite has been known as a rare rock-forming mineral; naturally occuring in igneous rock formations such as granite and syenite, metamorphic rocks such as genesis and schist, and in some sedimentary rock formations like limestone and dolostone. It resonates at 5.5 and 6 on the Mohs Scale of hardness, falling in a mid-range of density, mass and softness. Sodalite is a tectosilicate mineral, constructed with sodium aluminum silicate chloride. Its name refers to its large sodium content, and forms mostly in massive or granular habits. This mineral is a member of the feldspathoid family, and the only variety to show positive for the chemical chlorine when in a nitrous acid diluted solution.

This mineral was found in Greenland in the early 1800s, and large deposits were later found in Canada around 1891. As of 2022, Sodalite can also be found in Quebec, Maine, Arkansas, Brazil, Bolivia, Russia, Portugal, Burma, Italy, Namibia and Romania. One of the largest deposits known today rests in Brazil.

Healing Properties

Blue-Green Sodalite harbors the power to elevate oneself to higher planes of consciousness and communication. It transports the heart and mind to spiritual planes where confusion and chaos have no power. This is the mineral of logic, wisdom, spiritual expansion and clarity of thought. Sodalite aids in breaking down all walls and returning to universal oneness, also giving it the nickname of the ‘poet’s stone’ or the ‘thinker’s stone’. This stone is a helpful ally and guide when on a shamanic or spiritual journey, imparting new wisdom and clarity through visions, thoughts and intuitive insight. Sodalite is an excellent tool for anchoring into truth and exploring one’s spiritual nature, as it promotes honesty, depth and gentleness.

The frequency of Blue-Green Sodalite illuminates rationality and efficiency. It’s helpful for those who tend to be overly-emotional or who have difficulty expressing their emotions in a grounded, logical manner. This mineral enhances communication abilities, intuition and the ability to receive psychic insight. Sodalite helps to balance mind-body-soul, and promotes self-acceptance, self-esteem and self-trust. Sodalite radiates a calming energy, and aids in balancing the one’s system - physically and energetically. The frequency of Blue-Green Sodalite is a powerful grounding tool for channeling inspiration. It can help to focus and clear the third eye chakra, increasing the activation of psychic abilities. Its blue color aids in meditation, helps to calm incessant internal chatter and encourages connection with angels or evolved celestial beings. When working with Sodalite, there is an opportunity to observe suppressed parts of one’s nature, without judging them, to acknowledge, accept and forgive. This stone helps make space for living life authentically and remaining one’s true self. The frequency of this color unites logic and intuition, merging together the physical world and spiritual world as one. Physically, Sodalite reduces inflammation in the body, and helps to relieve inflammatory conditions such as headaches and muscle strain. Its properties can aid in reducing acid in one’s system to balance the pH levels in the physical body. Since Blue-Green Sodalite aligns with the water element, this stone is also helpful in easing water retention and regulating blood pressure. Alongside these healing abilities, this mineral balances the metabolism, aids in calcium deficiencies, cleans the lymphatic system, boosts the immune system and helps with insomnia, throat imbalances and digestive disorders.

Mentally, Sodalite eliminates mental confusion and encourages rational thought, objective truth and intuitive perception; birthing a fluid verbalization of feelings. Its frequency naturally calms the mind, allowing new information to be easily assimilated into long term memory. This mineral is helpful when needing to release old mental conditioning and rigid mindsets. The properties of Blue-Green Sodalite also clears electromagnetic pollution, and can be placed on or near technology to block their harmful waves and emissions. This stone is a great study aid, as its frequency helps to remain focused and can ease scattered thoughts. Utilize Sodalite when needing to dispel anger, vindictiveness or negative thoughts. It increases one’s awareness and helps to create order in the mind, while stimulating a departure from restrictive ideas, dogmas, rules and laws.

Emotionally, Sodalite helps transmit a clear feeling of self and creates a strong antipathy towards that which does not correspond to one’s truth and core. It helps oneself avoid unconscious behavioral patterns and recognize any hindrances to development. Since this stone dissolves feelings of guilt, it encourages oneself to stand up for personal feelings and embrace them. Its frequency increases self-esteem, acceptance and trust in self. Blue-Green Sodalite brings harmony and purpose into life, stimulating trust and companionship, and generating emotional balance from fear, phobias, guilt or anxiety. Its presence brings ease to rampant emotions, and is a perfect stone for calming and releasing anger, frustration and irritation. Sodalite helps oneself express negative emotions in a less aggressive and hurtful manner. It encourages detachment from the concerns and worries of everyday life, and aids in reducing stress and anxiety by giving oneself a vast and serene perspective.

Colors and Meanings

Lavender-Violet (Hackmanite)

Lavender-Violet Sodalite, also known as Hackmanite, is a highly rare sulfur-rich variety of Sodalite. This mineral harbors tenebrescence within its composition - the ability to change color when exposed to sunlight. This variation is reactive to the spectrum of UV light. Hackmanite Sodalite has also been referred to as ‘the stone of belonging’, as it helps oneself recognise that all things in life have belonging - illuminating oneness. The frequency of this color stimulates audacity and a strengthened self-esteem, and encouraging happiness, confidence and contentment. Lavender-Violet Sodalite aligns with the crown chakra, and enhances mental capabilities. This mineral intensifies mental energy and can lead to gateways of higher knowledge by accessing celestial beings such as spirit guides and guardian angels. Hackmanite is helpful when needing to improve communication abilities and when needing to discuss what’s on the mind. This mineral naturally harmonizes the mind and heart, unifying truth and purity within the throat. The connection of mind and heart allows oneself to be easily expressive about personal ideas, feelings and desires.

Pink (Tugtupite)

Pink Sodalite, also known as Tugtupite, is a sodium aluminum beryllium silicate variety of Sodalite. Its name is derived from the location it was found in during 1962 - Tugtup, Agtakorfia, Greenland. This is a highly expansive mineral that encourages connection to higher realms and an opening of the upper chakra system. Its frequency stimulates brain function, creating states of expanded consciousness and connection with evolved celestial beings. Tugtupite increases psychic abilities and enhances the ability to perceive intuitive insight. Pink Sodalite is a paradigm shifting mineral. Its frequency aligns the universal heart and mind, allowing oneself to feel Divine love and to share love with others. This mineral is helpful when needing to strengthen the nervous system and heart space. Tugtupite creates a state of high emotional consciousness, deep healing and bliss. It facilitates and releases all densities and blockages from the emotional field or energetic template, and encourages compassion, love, kindness, peace and a heart-centered consciousness.

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