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(r-ai-k-ee) /`rākē / 

universal life force energy; a Japanese practice of energy healing and inner illumination.


Reiki is Japanese for life force energyReiki is within everyone and everything, and stimulates growth, health, life and healing. 

In the physical body, we have over 50 trillion cells with omniscient wisdom. Each cell is fueled, powered and supported by life force energy, or Reiki. Everything around us (animals, nature, objects) is a manifestation of omniscient wisdom on a cellular and energetic level. Life force energy and it’s wisdom has existed since the birth of the cosmos, being utilized in healing practices for thousands of years. It has also been referred to as the soul, Chi, Prana, Manna or the Divine.

This energy is part of our genetic and energetic structure, connecting every being and thing. When channeled, life force energy is self-healing.



Reiki healing, also known as energy healing, is a practice of channeling life force energy to influence a deep state of relaxation for self-healing (mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually).


By placing the hands over primary and secondary energy centers in the body, life force energy flows out the hand chakras and influences the energy of a person to begin clearing, restoring, balancing and healing on a soul level.


This can be understood through vibrational resonance; an increased amplitude when the frequency of a periodically applied force is equal or close to a natural frequency of the system on which it acts. Since the natural frequency of everything is life force energy, the frequency of a person will inevitably begin to rise and quicken when exposed to the high frequency of Reiki.


When a person's life force energy is low, slow or blocked, they are more likely to experience stress, illness and physical pain.


When a person's life force energy is high or quick, they are more capable of being happy, healthy and energetically balanced.


Reiki is a natural, safe and simple practice for spiritual healing and self-improvement on all levels. Reiki healing is a self-practice, and can be received from a Practitioner or ourselves.



The practice of Reiki, or energy healing, addresses mental, emotional, physical and spiritual imbalances and dis-ease at the root. Reiki brings betterment to anything and everything, and there is no limitation to this energy and its capability to heal, balance and self-regulate. It would be impossible to list every benefit, since Reiki has potential to bring benefit to everything and anything. Below I will list some examples of benefits that can be experienced through the practice of Reiki.


  • Promotes creativity and enhances memory

  • Calms the mind, clears brain fog, promotes deep relaxation

  • Refreshes brain cells

  • Increases clarity in thought

  • Improves ability for healthy decision-making

  • Increases self-confidence

  • Promotes self-awareness and self-realization

  • Improves outlook on self and life

  • Eases and protects from intrusive thoughts and psychic attacks

  • Channels positive energy, positive thoughts

  • Opens up the mind, mind expansion


  • Reduces fear, anxiety, worry, stress and depression

  • Aids in relieving substance addiction, promotes tranquility

  • Helps to heal deep emotional wounds or traumas

  • Aids in shedding emotional baggage from the past

  • Increases self-esteem, self-acceptance, self-love

  • Builds confidence, personal empowerment

  • Releasing and healing from emotions

  • Balances the mind and emotional body

  • Aligns the heart with feelings and emotions

  • Increases protection from emotional imbalances

  • Elevates mood and attitude towards life

  • Aids in releasing accumulated energy from the day, energy absorbed from others


  • Promotes self-healing capabilities in the body

  • Provides relief in all dis-eases and illnesses (physical pain, cancer, fatigue, migraines, skin problems, heart disease, etc)

  • Revitalizes the cells in the body, slows down aging process

  • Reduces insomnia, sleep paralysis, nightmares and sleep disorders

  • Decreases high blood pressure and eases pain

  • Eases complications/pain during pregnancy and childbirth (also strengthens the bond between mother-child, father-child)

  • Releases toxins from the body, strengthens immune system

  • Increases tissue regeneration in burns, scars and injuries

  • Improves blood circulation, reduces inflammation (post surgery or injury)

  • Aids in decreasing side effects of medication or medical treatments (nausea, headaches, diarrhea, fatigue, etc)

  • Eases movement in areas of tension/stiffness, eases arthritis

  • Decreases symptoms of dis-eases (fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue, etc)

  • Rejuvenates and balances vital organs and glands in the body

  • Aids in pain management

  • Smoothes and balances digestion


  • Induces intuition and strengthens psychic connection/abilities

  • Promotes peace on a soul level

  • Aids in releasing and removing attachments, entities or spirits from aura/energy field

  • Opens and deepens connection to the Divine, the Universe

  • Connects the human mind with higher Universal forces

  • Increases ability to dream-recall

  • Opens the third eye

  • Balances mind-body-soul

  • Clears and cleanses the aura, all levels of the energy bodies

  • Enhances ability to connect with spirit guides, animal guides, angels and other multidimensional beings

  • Awakens self-healing capabilities

  • Balances, opens and clears chakra centers and meridian pathways

  • Builds spiritual faith and trust in self and the Universe

Energy Healing Treatments


All energy healing services have the option of being received in-person or in distance.

In-person services take place in Lacey, WA and distance services take place via Zoom or phone call.

Crystals, essential oils, meditation chimes, singing bowl, shamanic feather wands, rainbow quartz pendulum and other earthly tools are utilized in the following services, unless requested otherwise. See the menu below for available treatments and services.

Full Body Treatment

This treatment deepens relaxation, increases energy and promotes clarity.


 30 minutes $30

60 minutes $60

Crystal Healing Treatment

This treatment utilizes the energetic frequencies of crystals to assist in mental, emotional, physical and spiritual healing. 


 30 minutes $45

60 minutes $75

Cord Cutting Treatment

This treatment cleanly cuts energetic cords, pulls out energy strings and protects one's energy field from cords that drain energy. 


 30 minutes $40

Grounding & Balancing Treatment

This treatment grounds one's self in the physical body, connects one's energy field with the frequency of the Earth and balances one's overall system - mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This treatment includes a visualization.


 30 minutes $30

Heart Opener Treatment

This treatment clears, cleanses, repairs and opens the heart space, and aligns the 7 main chakras with the heart chakra. 


 30 minutes $30

Centering - Fire Treatment

This treatment connect one's self to their source of power, increases confidence and motivation and ignites passion.


 30 minutes $30

Spirit Guide Session

This session is intended to guide you through a visualization during meditation to open up intuitive pathways and connect with your spirit guides to receive high frequency insight and guidance. 


 45 minutes $45

Animal Treatment

This treatment is intended to treat anxiety, pain and healing within animals. The system of the animal is relaxed, cleared, cleansed and regulated.


 30 minutes $30

60 minutes $60

Cleansing of Space

This service is intended for clearing and cleansing an object, room, home or land.


 Cleansing Object $20

Cleansing Room $30

Cleansing Home/Land $120

Payments are accepted in-person or:
Paypal (taylotus11) Venmo (taylotus) & Cashapp (taylotus)

Once your payment is received, your appointment will be confirmed.

(To cancel or reschedule, please message/call Tay Lotus 24 hours before your appointment. Upon 24 cancelation, the session payment is 100% refundable. Canceling within 24 hours, the session payment is non-refundable)

Thank you, Tay Lotus will get in touch with you shortly!

Reiki Service Request
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