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January #9 Completing

February #1 New Beginnings

March #2 Connecting

 #3 Creating

May #4 Building

June #5 Changing

July #6 Nurturing

August #7 Re-evaluating

September #8 Expanding

October #9 Completing

November #1 New Beginnings

December #2 Connecting

This forecast is derived from the Universal pattern of Numbers, or nine stages of development, that consciousness continuously cycles through each year, month and day. When following this repeating cycle, everything in life can be tracked through divine order. 

The Universe follows a repeating pattern and each person cycles through their own unique repeating pattern. To calculate your personal Month/Day/Year Numbers for free, ask Tay Lotus here

Discovering your personal Numbers can shed insight into your repeating cycle (epicycle), as well as the characteristics and abilities your soul is ready to welcome, integrate and learn. Reflecting on your personal Numbers alongside the Universal Numbers can help you consciously co-create with the Universe, understand the dance between internal and external experiences, and manifest in full empowerment. 



2024 will be a powerful year in the realms of karma, materialism and manifestation. Last year was a period of reflection, re-evaluation and self-discovery for the collective. And this year the collective is asked to apply the lessons of the past, to better navigate the road to materializing dreams with a clear vision. The knowledge gained last year during times of self-exploration and analysis is ready to be integrated into materialism for expansion and progression, as well as material success. This stage holds large potential for self-mastery, gaining wisdom and creating the lifestyle you desire.


There will be heavy emphasis on the cycle of karma during 2024. The collective is experiencing stage 8, in which you reap what you sow. The last time we experienced stage 8 was in 2015, and this year you will receive that which you have previously given. If you have sowed wisely these past 9 years, then you will likely receive abundance, support, material progress or financial rewards for your efforts. However, if your past efforts were lacking in effort, focus or intention, it’s possible you may have experiences of loss or debt. In stage 8, it’s time to pay your dues - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 


Stage 8 is highly charged with energy and momentum. The collective is meant to utilize this peak of energy for empowerment, and for making big moves. We are experiencing a shift of focus from self to the world, from a close-up view to a broad picture. It would be wise to practice more selflessness, and work through any selfish tendencies, as this can work against you right now. This is the time to get serious about what you want to put your energy towards, and what you would like to manifest into your life. Make time to get a clear picture of your desires, goals and dreams. Don’t hesitate to ask for help and lean on others for assistance during this time. We are meant to work together this year, especially when the goal brings betterment for all involved. Now is the time to take action and take risks! This year is meant to ignite your inner resilience, as well as your drive, focus, determination and perseverance. What can you do this year to create a positive impact on those around you? Think big, and go for it!


In 2024, there will be some road bumps and challenges to face along the way. These situations are necessary to accomplishing the goals of your visions; don’t get discouraged. This will test your ability to remain driven when matters get difficult, and to stay dedicated to your vision in moments of uncertainty. Stay strong, and stay true to you! Since last year gave you time to reevaluate your stance in life, this year is all about being your best self and embodying self-mastery. Stage 8 will likely challenge who you think you know yourself to be, and the strength you hold inside. There will be situations that will challenge how you deal with authority, and there could possibly be power plays taking place in the collective. These encounters are meant to help you build confidence, assert boundaries and stand up for yourself. In the larger picture, there will be big power shifts in the collective within positions of authority that will likely change how our society and government functions. 


Careers and finances will be in the forefront right now as well. Part of the collective will likely receive bonuses or an increase in funds, while part of the collective may experience loss or a drastic change in the matters of jobs or money. This will depend on the efforts of the last 9 years; as you sew, you shall reap. Remember that regardless of your situation, everyone in the collective has the opportunity this year for massive growth, expansion and abundance. Tap into your vision, focus on its fruition, persevere through the process and remain dedicated to your visions until you see it through. Be ambitious, and allow your best self to shine this year!

MAY 2024

Every month the collective moves through one of the 9 repeating stages of development consciousness cycles through for expansion and growth. Last month the collective cycled through phase 3, the stage of high energy, creativity, playfulness and increased mental power. This month the collective is cycling through phase 4, the stage of hard work, planning, building and practicality. In April, there was much playfulness in the air, and in May we are encouraged to create order in our lives. This is a highly productive cycle, which calls for your full effort, attention and action.


During this month, it will be helpful to be aware of your daily efforts. All the events, situations and decisions that take place in May will either bring you closer to your goals or further away. This cycle is about understanding the process it takes to manifest your goals, and for realizing what it takes to overcome road bumps in your way. When able to direct creative drive in a focused direction, much momentum and reward can be received this month. Those who work hard will reap the fruits of their labor, and those who choose a laid-back approach may encounter more road bumps. Financially, you will earn in direct proportion to your output.


Money and finances are a large part of this cycle. It’s an ideal time to save money and budget. This month the collective is being asked to pay back all debts - materially, physically, mentally and spiritually. Now is a good time to pay someone back, apologize, or heal. Follow your heart and stay committed to living your highest path. Exercise and take care of your body, as well as your physical home. When able to put your focus on manifesting in the material world, your creative energies will ignite. And when these energies are spiritually centered, new psychic and spiritual realms can be contacted. 


Cycle 4 will put an importance on home life, family dynamics and improvement. This will be a highly supportive time for making any improvements, adjustments or modifications to your home. If you’ve been wanting to move, next month may be more supportive, since there will be less obstacles in the way. For many within the collective, obstacles will continue to show up right now. This is testing your ability to stay focused on your goals and committed to your heart when external circumstances begin to challenge you. May will give opportunities to learn self-discipline and integrity. It will be helpful during May to practice being practical, reasonable and logical. There will be situations that need your sound judgment, as well as a grounded mind for clear thinking.


Previously hidden aspects of the past may be revealed this month, which can allow you to correct any faulty judgements from an earlier time. This is because cycle 4 acts as an open door, for which you are able to pass through to a new life. 



(send a message in the Contact section - including your birthday - to find out your monthly personal number)

Personal Month


This is an ideal time for welcoming new connections at work or transforming home life.

You are ready for a new perspective in life.


This is an ideal time for deepening connection with family and loved ones.

You are ready for stronger and deeper relationships with those close to you.


This is an ideal time for advancing skills in your field of work and progressing a hobby.

You will have an easier time developing creative skills and tools right now.


This is an ideal time for building solid foundations in all areas of life.

You are ready to welcome stability and support.


This is an ideal time for promoting yourself in work and making needed changes to home life.

You are ready to transform.


This is an ideal time for creating a balance between relationships and family with work and career goals. 

You are ready to have time for everything in your life.


This is an ideal time for reflecting on the steps taken towards your goals and how to achieve the manifestation of your dreams.

You are ready to take steps towards your dream future.


This is an ideal time for making big moves in your job/career and collaborating with others to achieve goals. 

You will have an easier time reaching success when choosing to work well with others.


This is an ideal time for celebrating those around you and expressing gratitude for the life you’ve created for yourself.

You are ready to receive abundance for your efforts.

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