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This forecast is derived from the Universal pattern of Numbers, or nine stages of development, that consciousness continuously cycles through each year, month and day. When following this repeating cycle, everything in life can be tracked through divine order. 

The Universe follows a repeating pattern and each person cycles through their own unique repeating pattern. To calculate your personal Month/Day/Year Numbers for free, ask Tay Lotus here

Discovering your personal Numbers can shed insight into your repeating cycle (epicycle), as well as the characteristics and abilities your soul is ready to welcome, integrate and learn. Reflecting on your personal Numbers alongside the Universal Numbers can help you consciously co-create with the Universe, understand the dance between internal and external experiences, and manifest in full empowerment. 



2023 is a monumental year in the realms of internal development and inner illumination. It’s been 9 years since the collective has been influenced by a cycle of reflection and introspection, showing that the energy of this year could feel quite intense for most of us. In the last 9 years, the collective has been focused towards growing and developing through the material and physical world, and it's time for the collective to pause, rest, reflect and go within. For the collective to evolve and expand, it’s necessary for individuals to allow room for internal development, relaxation and seeking answers from within. Analyze goals, projects, and relationships, and listen to inner promptings. This is an incredibly important year for deepening self-knowledge and tapping into the wisdom discovered on the journey of self-exploration. Many strange and unusual events will inspire and encourage individuals to take a closer look at life. Use the energy of 2023 to strengthen your inner foundation and improve your quality of living - mentally and spiritually. Your ability to succeed this year will depend on the strength of your inner self. 


It can be helpful during this time to reflect back on your station in life 9 years ago, and see how this time acted as a catalyst for the following 9 years. How did your decisions in the past create the present moment of now? 2023 has a purpose of aiding in the realization of past mistakes, lessons and the power of one’s decisions and intentions. Many individuals will see the consequences of their previous efforts, therefore, able to better navigate what is to come without repeating the same mistakes or falling for the same patterns. With a deeper understanding of self, one is able to better create the future with clarity. 


The collective is experiencing cycle 7 in 2023, the phase of focusing on oneself, on the inner workings of the soul and on the intuitive world. Read, contemplate, reflect; gain personal insight and intuitive understanding. It will be necessary to make time to go within yourself and root into your own guidance system, as well as to rest. If you do not make time to rest and reflect on your life, there will be situations and events that will ‘divinely force you’ to slow down, heal and relax. Practice listening to your body, and when it says a break is needed, honor the call, rest and take a step back. The more you welcome stillness and rest for the body, the deeper you will be able to explore yourself and gain knowledge. Vacations are highly supported during this time; if you’ve been wanting to take one, now is the time to get away!


Since cycle 7 has a strong essence of solitude, introspection, reflection, meditation and gaining of inner knowledge, this won’t be a supportive year for socialization or gain in the material world. Your spiritual and mental presence require your attention right now. Most will have a strong urge to spend time alone and to explore the contemplative nature of solitude. Give yourself more attention, and don’t worry as much about material needs, without slacking on daily duties and responsibilities. Try not to push financial affairs as well, as it’s not a time to be impulsive or concern the self with business. If you find yourself pursuing material goals or focusing too much on business matters, the universe may cause a collapse or loss, and physical problems or frustrations.The events of this year are meant to redirect the attention of individuals back onto themselves, as to further self-exploration and deepen one’s understanding of situations, the self, and others. There will be many opportunities to experience joy and the beauties of life without any artificial or exterior involvement - through the pure ever-growing awareness of self. This is a year of taking back self-control, and releasing any illusions of control one has about others and outside events; the only thing self can control is itself, and only itself. By releasing control on outside matters, one is able to gain greater clarity of self and trust the workings of the universe or greater energy at play. Those who choose to respond to the inner call will find the necessities of daily life seemingly being taken care of by themselves. When you flow and look within to the true, perfect jewel of self, matters complete themselves without any effort; wait and let the cycle work for you. Be open to receiving rather than asserting.


Many within the collective will be inspired by dreams, visions and intuitive foresights. Spend time with yourself, observe your inner promptings and write down thoughts and ideas. Any writings produced in cycle 7 can be creatively moving and inspiring to many. It would be wise to use the energies of this period for mental exercise and discipline. Get focused on what you want in life and do not want, and practice discipline towards your dreams. In 2023, many individuals have the potential to master a technical skill or craft to aid in one’s future success or profession, while others may benefit from studying philosophical and metaphysical disciplines such as spirituality, religion, meditation, yoga, extraterrestrials, astrology, numerology, tarot, etc. Use the energies of this cycle to advance yourself intellectually, creativity and intuitively. 


This year welcomes healing on all levels. Number 7 rules the physical body and body functions; the forces within your physical body are highly active right now. Be aware of any injuries, illnesses, or imbalances emerging - don’t ignore health related issues, as it will grow and increase when resisted. Rest and tend to your health when needed, you are important and worth the care! Pace yourself wisely this year, and take care of minor problems before they increase. Any abuse to the body or overexertion can easily bring physical maladies and illness; slow and steady, ebb and flow. Discomforts force oneself to slow down, to reflect upon the self and one’s purpose in life; the most important reason for cycle 7.


When it comes to the duties of physical life that cannot be avoided, pay close attention to the full details of a situation before moving forward. Take in consideration everything there is to know and understand, and do not move forward until confident in your decision. In the matters of legal affairs, be careful when it comes to signing documents or agreements; be thurrow and go forward with sureness.


There is a strong current of energy in the collective right now calling all healers, sensitive souls and light workers to the forefront. The collective has a large opportunity for accelerated healing and awakening this year, and the help of all healers is needed. Many individuals will be drawn to healing, self-seeking, awakening and enriching their spiritual lives.


Keys for 2023

Pause, rest and relax

Introspection and reflection

Focus on inner development

Seek answers within

Advance skills through mastery

Take a vacation!

Dream, ponder, contemplate, envision

Quiet and calming activities

Let go and trust the universe :)  

MAY 2023

Every month the collective moves through one of the 9 repeating stages of development consciousness cycles through for expansion and growth. Last month we cycled through phase 2, the stage of inner development, sensitivities, balance and tact. This month we are cycling through phase 3, the stage of creativity, self-expression, manifesting, and playfulness. In April, there was a lot of activity within internal worlds, and in May we are encouraged to release any stirring energy inside through expressive ways and creative means. The energy within the collective is going to quicken and increase right now, which may have some of us feeling anxious, restless or a little scattered this month. To work with this increase of energy, it can be helpful to focus your energy on manifesting desires, and refrain from getting whirled away in mental activity or daydreaming. During this phase, the collective will feel a much needed break from the events and challenges of the last two months. May is a time to relax, enjoy yourself and explore the realms of creativity, play and joy. The collective may feel more care-free during this time, and more interested in lighthearted activities and having fun rather than focusing on responsibilities, goals and daily duties. 


The collective will be shifting into greater alignment with truth right now, and many of us could feel an itch to embrace greater levels of authenticity in our lives and within personal relationships. On the flip side, areas of life that are functioning from an inauthentic place may begin to dismantle and reveal underlying truths. It’s important during this time to speak your truth, share your thoughts and release creative insights. Holding back your voice or true expression this month could have an immediate kick-back, and may induce feelings of loneliness. Be brave, and share vulnerability with those who care for you. This phase aids in developing self-expression and self-confidence, strengthening creative skills and enhancing the ways at which we communicate verbally or through the written word. As truths will be undeniable right now, authentic connections can become closer and rejuvenated with joy, while inauthentic connections may dismantle or shift. 


Cycle 3 is greatly supportive when it comes to traveling long distances. If you’ve been wanting to take a vacation, right now is a perfect time. Number 3 denotes long distances when it comes to travel, and is one of the most ideal cycles to explore lands far from your own. Depending on your comfort level, this could be traveling a few hours away from home or traveling to the other side of the world. If you choose to take a trip or go on an adventure right now, know this cycle likely ensures safe departures and arrivals, as well as fun and abundance along the way. This cycle has a theme of adventure, and is focused around exploring areas of life that bring out joy and happiness within you. May is meant to rekindle the relationship you have with your inner child, and serve as an open door to express yourself in creative ways. What did you enjoy when you were young? Are there any activities that bring out excitement and curiosity within you? Make time for creative self exploration this month, and you will likely be rewarded in happiness, creative fulfillment, and possibly positive recognition and acknowledgement from those around you. 


The collective is experiencing a strong increase in mental energy, thought activity and imaginative insights. Many of us during this time will birth highly charged ideas that could be successful and fulfilling in the future, if focused on and manifested. It may be helpful to journal or keep notes of any ideas, thoughts, goals or dreams that arise in May. The mental realm could feel scattered, chaotic and brilliantly racing with many ideas and thoughts at the same time. Even though there will be an increase in energy, it will be important to ground yourself and focus your thoughts in a single direction to manifest that which you dream and desire. The more you are able to center and align your thoughts, actions and intentions to what you want, the greater possibility you have of manifesting your desires with abundance and fulfillment. Some of the ideas or intentions you had in March may come to fruition during this time, especially if you foster these intentions with optimism.


Cycle 3 can indicate a social time, a phase that highlights the importance of community, celebrations and enjoying life for its love and beauty. It can be helpful during this time to ask for help when you need it, celebrate loved ones around you, and find hidden beauties within the content of your day. This cycle encourages collaborating with others, especially in creative projects, to bring us together in unity through the act of creating. May is also a great time for gardening, getting outside and connecting with Mama Earth. Number 3 resonates with the earth element, growing food, gardening, tending to wildlife and immersing yourself in organic environments. Spend lots of time outside this month, let your bare feet rest on the earth and play in the dirt! 


This month aligns with the Solar Plexus Chakra, the center of our power, strength and energy - located under the rib cage and above the belly button. Reflect on ways at which you tap into your power; in what areas of life do you feel empowered and in what areas do you feel disempowered? During May, you will have many opportunities to refine the ways you claim and utilize your power. It will be one of the easiest cycles to work on and transform self-confidence, self-esteem and self-image. Ask yourself; what’s holding me back from believing in myself? What’s holding me back from being all that I can be? Take some time to explore your beliefs about yourself, and shift your thoughts more towards optimism, hope, beauty and love. And most importantly, have fun this month!

Keys for May





Social Gatherings

Long Distance Travel







Speaking Truth



Earth Element



Growing Food


Inner Child





Positive Mindset

Mental Activity

Increased Energy

Intuitive Insights






Solar Plexus Chakra

Personal Power


Will Power



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