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This forecast is derived from the Universal pattern of Numbers, or nine stages of development, that consciousness continuously cycles through each year, month and day. When following this repeating cycle, everything in life can be tracked through divine order. 

The Universe follows a repeating pattern and each person cycles through their own unique repeating pattern. To calculate your personal Month/Day/Year Numbers for free, ask Tay Lotus here

Discovering your personal Numbers can shed insight into your repeating cycle (epicycle), as well as the characteristics and abilities your soul is ready to welcome, integrate and learn. Reflecting on your personal Numbers alongside the Universal Numbers can help you consciously co-create with the Universe, understand the dance between internal and external experiences, and manifest in full empowerment. 



2022 is a powerful time, as we can see the two represented in a trine fashion of three. The collective is shifting into alignment and harmony. The patterns and dysfunctions of the collective will be deeper realized, and a mass awakening is possible. This year encourages closeness, connection and personal growth. Because the imbalances of life will be harder and harder to ignore, most in the collective will be pushed to acknowledge life as it truly is, and face parts of themselves that have been in denial or bypassed. There will be upheaval before the presence of peace.The shadow of the collective is in full view, ready to be embraced and transcended. Many within the collective will experience profound realizations, and could go through periods of adjusting and integrating new understandings and higher levels of awareness. 


The year 2022 is in cycle 6, the cycle of nurture. The collective is being called to put effort towards self-care, self-love and nurturing self, as well as others. Many will be in situations to relieve others of their burdens, and their own. This can be a challenging period because the collective is taking on more responsibility while also navigating a strong undercurrent of personal growth. It’s important during this year to tend to the self and others in an equal manner. This is a cycle of healing, and much will rise to the surface to be embraced, nurtured and mended. Try to avoid shying away from supporting yourself and others, as the cycle of 6 is meant to bring everyone closer. It’s most important to take time for yourself, prioritize your needs and give back to yourself. We cannot serve another from an empty cup, therefore, make sure you are filling your cup with love and care, to inreturn give to others. 


This is the year to clean house on all levels; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Take time for yourself, meditate, choose thoughts that feel good to you and clear out mental habits that hinder flow. Adopt a state of mind supportive of self care, self love and compassion. Whenever something is viewed as ‘negative’, practice seeing parts that are positive within every situation and person. 2022 is encouraging the collective to acknowledge both sides in everything, the positive and negative, and allow the self to rest in the middle. When acknowledging the positive and negative, we are able to see the full-round picture, without over-emphasizing or neglecting one viewpoint, or vibration. With this expansive view, the collective is able to create a greater sense of harmony and balance. This is also the year for clearing away karmas, and letting go of any relationships or connections that no longer serve both parties involved. In clearing away karmas; make amends, forgive, shift behaviors, resolve and repair. Welcome healing where it’s needed, and be open to shifting your reality!


There is a strong emphasis on the physical body and health during this year. Mental and emotional health impact the physical body, and it’s important in 2022 to be mindful of what you choose to digest; watch, eat, drink, listen to, engage with, surround yourself with. Grounding can be a helpful practice to balance and discipline the senses to our betterment, and allow the physical body to regulate and heal through the frequency of Mother Earth. Cycle 6 is a period of healing illness and dis-ease. The collective is experiencing healing on all levels this year. Everything will start to feel as if it’s ‘falling into place’;the calm after the storm.


2022 will have a strong current of creativity, and the collective is asked to tap in! Creativity flows through everyone, and isn’t defined in any way. During this year, make an effort to bring creativity into everything you do! Try not to judge what creativity looks like, as it’s meant to be different and unique with each soul. Creativity has no range; taking a new route to work, approaching a situation with a new view, trying out a craft or building project, brainstorming, etc.This is an opportunity to develop creative abilities, as well as advance skills in any artistic field. Take time and focus energy towards any projects or creative ventures calling to you. The Universe is meant for the uniqueness of your soul, and you are meant to be seen in all that you are. 


Cycle 6 is a period of financial advancement as well. This is the year to create balance in your approaches to finances, and get creative with how the energy exchange of money flows to you. Abundance and financial freedom can look different ways; get creative and be open to receiving right now. Remember, this time is meant to balance life in every realm; mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. With this intention, the Universe will guide you to focus on betterment and adopt a refined approach to self and life. This allows for more abundance to flow, and a deeper sense of harmony to sing in the collective. 


In March, situations from the past will have closure, completions will be made and celebrations of abundance and attainment will shower the collective. The month of May will bring an emotional period, followed with the promise and stress of change. June is a breakthrough, as well as a time of relief. September brings advancement, October encourages self-reflection and readjustments, and December will bring completion and fulfillment within the collective. 


Keys for 2022

Focus on yourself, be true to yourself

Align with your highest path 

Give back to others from a full cup

Support yourself and support others

Acknowledge and embrace the positive and negative in everything

Clean house - mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually

Make amends with yourself and others

Let go of relationships, habits, ways of living that no longer serve you

Be what you wish to receive 

Heal - mind/body/soul

Connect with your physical body, ground yourself

Get creative in everything you do!

Focus towards abundance

Create balance in your life

Harmonize, bring peace into situations


Every month the collective moves through one of the 9 repeating stages of development consciousness cycles through for expansion and growth. Last month we cycled through phase 5, the stage of change, new opportunities and communication. In September, we are cycling through phase 6, the stage of domestic duties, responsibility, healing and creativity. While last month was the phase for adventure and exploration, this month the collective is encouraged to return to home base, tend to family and friends, and develop a balance between giving to others and giving to ourselves. Generating harmony, support and balance in all areas of life will be a pressing theme this month.


September will highlight the commitments in your life, and your loyalty to them. If there are commitments without deep roots, they will likely experience an upheaval right now. However, if you choose to deepen your commitment, whether it be in a relationship, goal or passion, there will be great reward in this act of devotion. While August gave the collective opportunities to expand their tribe and make new connections, the month of September is guiding us to focus on family and loved ones. Any disharmony within home life will likely come to the surface; giving opportunity for adjustments to be made, a deeper understanding to take place and a greater sense of harmony between all to arise. Try not to shy away from any disagreements or issues between you and your loved ones right now. There is a huge opportunity to transform personal relationships; take advantage of this universal support and practice bringing betterment to you and your relationships. The more love and attention given to those around you, the more harmonious your life will be. If any relationships fall away during this month, the connection has served its purpose and must be shed for balance, and the next phase of expansion and growth. Connections that are strong in love and deep in commitment will come out of this cycle much stronger and increasingly connected. 


Cycle 6 teaches us to be receptive towards those we care for and love, and encourages us to share the abundance of our lives with others, without becoming too selfish towards ownership and control. This is the root of feminine energy, and will be inspiring the collective to awaken their feminine side right now. The collective will be gaining a deeper understanding of give and receive, the full circle of exchange. We are called to activate the heart center, and share the limitless love at which lives inside. There is always enough love to share, as it’s not possible to be desolate of what we are. The collective is currently shedding a ‘lack’ or ‘scarcity’ mindset. This encourages us to acknowledge and honor the limitless resources around us and within us, bringing a deeper understanding to the abundance of life, knowing we are always taken care of and can manifest that at which we need. There’s always enough to go around, there’s always enough love for All.


Since cycle 6 brings home life to the forefront, this is an ideal time for making any changes to your home. September will be a supported time for decorating or designing your home, changing residence or improving the flow of your home environment. The beautification of your home life can stretch to your workplace as well. It’s time to strive for balance in all areas of life, understand what you need and set yourself up to thrive! Take note of how your home and workspace make you feel, and take action to cultivate more pleasantness and happiness; even if this means changing where you live or work. The more you align with your truth and truest desires, the more harmony and happiness will surround you.


September is in a strong creative cycle, and the collective will experience a highly charged imagination. It would be wise to take advantage of this flow of energy and this opportunity to advance yourself artistically. If you already have an artistic field of interest, commit yourself deeper to your passion and be rewarded this month with advanced skills and a greater sense of wisdom in your field. Artists can experience large success this month when investing time, attention and effort towards creative projects or pursuits. If you are desiring to awaken more creativity within you, try out a new hobby or creative activity this month. You will be supported with an abundance of creative energy, allowing you to learn and excel quicker than average. Don’t let fear or self-doubts cloud your ability to explore your creativity or try something new! Any artistic commitments during this time will be rewarded.


Cycle 6 activities the third eye energy center in your system, also known as Ajna. While generating a deeper sense of balance in your life, your third eye will activate to help you discern what is for you and what is not for you. Trust your gut feelings, listen to your heart and lean into the whispers of knowledge within your body that is felt rather than seen. This is not a time to be led by outside influences, but rather the collective is returning to the internal guidance system and the intuitive tools of the body. Create the life you want and lead with love. 

Keys for September







Heart Center

Third Eye


Domestic Duties

Family & Friends

Home Life


Artistic Advancement



Personal Relationships


Give & Receive


Feminine Energy

Helping Hand


The Mother Archetype

Home-Work Balance





Creative Expression

Inner Strength


Intuitive Senses