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Are you ready to explore the depths of your soul and potential?


Your Numerology Chart is derived from your Full Name at birth and birthdate, and explores your inner and outer world, as well as four main categories; personal (inner) world, areas of integration, lessons to be learned and the cycles of the soul.

Numerology bridges the spiritual and mathematical, the magical and practical.

During your call, your Numerology Chart will reveal insight on the following:

Life themes/patterns, recurring challenges

Life purpose and mission

Talents, gifts, passions, strengths

Cycles of the soul, growth opportunities

Career, vocation, lifestyle

Relationships, compatibility

Lessons, skills to develop

Past life regressions

Innermost yearning


1.5 hour Reading $110

To request a Reading of your Numerology Chart, send a message in the Contact section including your Full Name at BIRTH (middle if applies) and your Birthday. Your order will be confirmed once your payment is received. 

Payments accepted via:

Paypal (taylotus11) & Venmo and Cashapp (taylotus)


In Numerology, the Karmic Year marks a pivotal time in a person's life; one of great impact and significance. The Karmic Year takes place once in your lifetime, and can last anywhere from 1 - 2 years in length. During this time, there will be events, experiences and decisions that will directly change your direction in life and greatly impact the remainder of your incarnation.


This is neither positive nor negative, but rather what you make of it.

To request your Karmic Year, send a message in the Contact section including your Birthday.


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