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  • Tay Lotus

Karmic Contracts & Soulmate Contracts

We agree to a soul contract with each person we encounter. The relationships in our lives don’t happen by chance, but rather have profound meaning and purpose. They are attracted into our lives through our past actions, deeds and thoughts, which can be referred to as our karma. In Sanskrit, the word karma translates to ‘deeds’ or ‘acts’, and reflects a soul’s accumulated energy or past lives. The relationships and encounters we experience are a continuation of our karma, and all connections are bonded through karma, whether it be positive or negative.

Have you met someone before and instantly had a strong feeling about them (positive or negative) or felt a deep connection without a context to why? These feelings are the remembrance of karma between two souls, and their contract. This remembrance applies to all relationships, whether it be someone you have a short or brief encounter with or the deeper relationships we build through friendships, intimacy and family. Every encounter is bonded through karma, regardless of how brief or long the encounter or relation lasts.

There are two main soul contracts we all come to experience. And while there are more variations of contracts, these two are the roots; karmic contracts and soulmate contracts. These soul contracts have deep purpose in bringing two souls to further expansion and awareness through their union or encounter. However, there are differences between the two contracts, and how the two souls agreed to expand. Sometimes karmic contracts are confused with soulmate contracts, especially from the strong attraction and familiarity that could arise from the union or encounter.

Below will be descriptions of each contract, how to tell if you’re experiencing them and what purpose they are serving you.

Karmic Relationships & Encounters

Have you felt deeply drawn to someone, yet the relationship is incredibly difficult to make work?

Have you been strongly drawn to be with someone romantically who has no interest in you, or vice versa?

Do you have family members that seem impossible to get along with?