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Karmic Contracts & Soulmate Contracts

We agree to a soul contract with each person we encounter. The relationships in our lives don’t happen by chance, but rather have profound meaning and purpose. They are attracted into our lives through our past actions, deeds and thoughts, which can be referred to as our karma. In Sanskrit, the word karma translates to ‘deeds’ or ‘acts’, and reflects a soul’s accumulated energy or past lives. The relationships and encounters we experience are a continuation of our karma, and all connections are bonded through karma, whether it be positive or negative.

Have you met someone before and instantly had a strong feeling about them (positive or negative) or felt a deep connection without a context to why? These feelings are the remembrance of karma between two souls, and their contract. This remembrance applies to all relationships, whether it be someone you have a short or brief encounter with or the deeper relationships we build through friendships, intimacy and family. Every encounter is bonded through karma, regardless of how brief or long the encounter or relation lasts.

There are two main soul contracts we all come to experience. And while there are more variations of contracts, these two are the roots; karmic contracts and soulmate contracts. These soul contracts have deep purpose in bringing two souls to further expansion and awareness through their union or encounter. However, there are differences between the two contracts, and how the two souls agreed to expand. Sometimes karmic contracts are confused with soulmate contracts, especially from the strong attraction and familiarity that could arise from the union or encounter.

Below will be descriptions of each contract, how to tell if you’re experiencing them and what purpose they are serving you.

Karmic Relationships & Encounters

Have you felt deeply drawn to someone, yet the relationship is incredibly difficult to make work?

Have you been strongly drawn to be with someone romantically who has no interest in you, or vice versa?

Do you have family members that seem impossible to get along with?

Have you experienced abuse or trauma between you and another person?

Have you briefly met someone and instantly had a negative or ‘off’ feeling about them?

Is there someone in your life that tends to always bring out the ‘worst’ in you, and vice versa?

Have you experienced dysfunctional relationships that feel impossible or unbearable to let go of?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have experienced karmic contracts.

Everyone incarnated on Earth has karmic contracts. In some relationships, both souls acted upon mistreatment in past lives towards each other, while other relationships may have had one soul that wronged the other. Either way, what was acted upon and how they responded, created the ‘negative’ karma bond between them. Karmic contracts are based on these past life connections and are acquired when two souls did not learn the lessons they agreed to learn through their union or encounter. In past lives, the two souls did not expand and transform from their experiences together, but rather mistreated one another or resisted and perpetuated the lessons to be learned. These relationships arise in the present incarnation for the two souls to recognize what they are meant to learn from each other, to evolve into a more refined version of themselves on a soul level. Karmic contracts are formed with a person who played a significant role in your previous lives, and is present to ‘right the wrongs’ and transform emotional turmoil and destructive behavioral patterns into understanding, acts of respect and peace.

Every relationship is meant to refine our spirit and shape us into certain characteristics and greater awareness, by helping us become more aware of ourselves through the experiences we have with others.

It’s common for karmic contracts to be difficult, challenging and sometimes intense or traumatizing. This could be because the two souls are working through accumulated negative karma that has been painful in previous lives, and needs to be realized and transformed from its current state, to a state of greater awareness, compassion and conscious action. They can also be challenging because these encounters will mirror aspects in both souls that need to be acknowledged within themselves.

A karmic contract shines light on the areas of the personality and self that need to be realized and transformed for the betterment of both souls. Which a majority of the time, may not feel too good when experiencing, yet these contracts cannot be ignored or denied. If they are, the lessons avoided will continue to repeat with the same soul, and could increase in potency and difficulty. Every soul is subconsciously drawn to the people and experiences that will aid in soul healing and expansion, which is why karmic contracts can have a very strong pull towards each other or a strong resistance. Karmic contracts are direct catalysts for awakening to deeper parts of ourselves and building greater awareness. Some souls may feel their karmic partner or relation is their soulmate, however, there are distinctions between the two. Both karmic contracts and soulmate contracts can start out with an undeniable, potent connection, but as they begin to progress, there will be greater difficulty in karmic contracts as opposed to soulmate contracts.

Family members and romantic relationships are the two most common encounters for karmic contracts to take place. Most souls have karmic contracts with their family members, and in their romantic or intimate relationships, however, this doesn’t mean that every family member and relationship is karmic. It’s possible for a soul to have soulmate relationships in their family, as well as first-time contracts. Karmic friendships can also take place as well.

How can you tell if your relationship with someone is a karmic contract?

If your encounter is brief: (i.e someone who isn’t a family member, partner or friend)

  • You have an immediate feeling about them (positive or negative)

  • The person feels familiar to you

  • There are strong patterns that play out in the dynamic (normally with negatively charged emotions)

  • Abuse (mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually) and trauma has taken place

  • Disrespect, humiliation, fights/conflict, selfishness, irrational behaviors exchanged between two or directed towards you

  • Ego is active and irrational, in one or both people

If your encounter is a personal relationship: (i.e family member, romantic partner, friendship)

  • Instantly start a relationship upon meeting, filled with heavy passion [romantic or friendship]

  • Feels like you are destined to be together [romantic or friendship]

  • Familiarity between both people, as if you’ve known each other before

  • You have a strong feeling about them (positive or negative)

  • The same pattern repeats in the relationship (normally negatively charged)

  • Rollercoaster of emotions (i.e intense and passionate to aloof and distant)

  • Ego is active and irrational, in one or both people

  • Aggressive behavior (i.e anger, conflict, disagreements, repetitive arguments, verbal/physical fights, violence) [this can stem from both souls remembering the toxic tie from their past lives, and playing it out]

  • One-sided relationships, selfishness from one or both people

  • No boundaries (mistrust, disrespect, taking advantage of each other)

  • Low self-esteem in union, one or both people

  • Abuse (mentally, emotionally, physically or sexually)

  • Resembles a codependent relationship or emotionally dependent

  • Controlling behaviors by one person or a power struggle from both

  • Jealousy and suspicion (possessive, highly calculated, hurting each other’s self respect)

  • Unhealthy addictions between two people [romantic or friendship] (i.e drugs, drinking, sex, lust; more physical connection than emotional)

  • No selfless love (i.e one or both people doesn’t allow the other to be independent, may imply restrictions on who they see, what they do, how they do something, where they go)

  • The relationship mirrors aspects in both people that they are unaware of or refuse to acknowledge within themselves

  • Short lived connection or a relationship that ends and comes back together multiple times [romantic or friendship]

  • Underlying fears arising in the union (i.e fear of rejection, fear of abandonment, fear of losing support, fear of losing a loved one, fear of losing love, fear of getting emotionally hurt, fear of commitment, persistent fear of how the relationship will end)

What is the purpose of karmic contracts?

One of the main purposes is for both souls to learn important lessons for their soul growth. The relationship or encounter will act as a mirror, showing you your ‘bad deeds’, negative thoughts and feelings, as well as any hostile emotions. Karmic contracts are intended to teach each soul to correct past mistakes, ‘right their wrongs’ and transform themselves from within. In this contract, both souls share negative karma together, which is meant to serve as growth and a catalyst for inner transformation. Another purpose of karmic contracts is to teach you lessons in compassion, love and mutual respect. Since this connection can be highly active with destructive behaviors and emotions, as well as past pain, it will also teach you how to heal, and stay calm and composed in difficult situations.

Karmic contracts direct you to embrace a deeper form of self-love and self-respect, as well as encourage you to embrace the courage to heal. The more you are able to acknowledge and understand this contract in your life, and its lessons, the more you will grow spiritually.

Soulmate Relationships & Encounters

Have you met someone where you immediately feel comfortable being your true self?

Have you met someone new and felt as if you have known them before?

Have you met someone and instantly had a positive feeling about them?

Do you have people in your life that always seem to bring out the best in you?

Are there people in your life that encourage and support you being your best self?

Have you met someone that mirrored your interests, strengths, desires and goals in life?

Have you encountered someone who inspires you to be your best self, and chase your dreams?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you have encountered soulmate contracts or kindred contracts. To specify, kindred contracts are two souls mirroring or matching in personality, while soulmate contracts are felt on a deep emotional or spiritual level beyond the personality.

Soulmate contracts are two souls who agreed to expand together through mutually empowering the other to be their best self. It’s common for this union or encounter to feel natural, comfortable and, on some level, inspiring and uplifting. Soulmate contracts can take place within family relationships, romantic relationships and friendships, and are built upon the good deeds of past lives.

How can you tell if your relationship with someone is a soulmate contract?

  • Familiarity between both people

  • You feel comfortable in their presence, it’s easy to be your authentic self

  • Connection is built on a deeper level (emotionally or spiritually)

  • Both people respect each other without passing judgment

  • The union feels smooth, joyful and effortless

  • Relationship is based on understanding, both people feel an inner calmness with each other

  • Both people allow and support the other to move towards their goals in life

  • No control, both people feel free to be themselves in full expression

  • The connection never grows old

What is the purpose of soulmate contracts?

This contract is the reaping of good deeds and actions from past lives, showing up in the present incarnation for inspiration and loving support. Your soulmate contracts are intended to be part of your soul family while on Earth, and help you to leave your ‘old self’ behind, to embrace the life and love you truly desire and deserve. These connections reflect true expressions of love, and foster exchanges of positive karma between souls.

Both contracts have the intention of bringing a person to a deeper awareness of themselves, and expanding their soul through the encounter or relation. The karmic contract is based on karma that was accumulated in negativity or mistreatment, while the soulmate contract was bonded through loving, compassionate karma between two souls.

Karmic contracts help you learn important lessons, see parts of yourself that need healing and transformation, and can be quite painful to experience. While soulmate contracts uplift your authentic spirit, and inspire both souls to joyfully flourish in their journeys through love and support.

Karmic contracts are soulmate contracts, however, they have a destiny of coming to an end, while soulmate contracts have longevity and can last a lifetime.

If you have any questions about soul contracts or how to navigate a current soul contract in your life, feel free to reach out to Reiki Master & Numerologist Tay Lotus @

I’m happy and grateful to be of support to your journey and growth in any way!


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