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  • Tay Lotus

House's Personality

When walking into a home or building, whether it be our own or someone else’s, we can sense a vibe in the environment. It can be said that buildings of all kinds have an essence of personality, an energetic imprint of character.

Why would it be helpful to know the personality of a building?

Buildings have an influence of energy, which impact everything that encounters the space; people, animals, plants, objects, etc. Considering the essence or personality of a space helps to discern if the space is supportive/compatible or hindering/incompatible with you and your intention for the space.

Have you walked into a home or building and instantly felt an ‘off’ feeling?

It can be sensed when a space does not resonate with one's personal energy, just as it can be sensed when a space does resonate. When a space doesn't resonate, we may feel not as comfortable and open or inspired and free-flowing. When a space feels 'off', there could be conflicting energies present or challenges with creating balance and harmony. Some House Personalities support businesses, while other House Personalities support starting families or an entertainment venue. If one wanted to start a family but moved into a space that supports isolation and individuality, there could be conflicting energies preventing one's intention from being supported and manifesting.

We likely look at the physical components of a space and judge if our needs and desires are going to be met through the compatibility of what is seen, however, it can also be helpful to consider the energetic realm and the compatibility of its influence.

‘We seemingly live in two worlds; the physical and the spiritual. Numbers are windows in the physical realm that reveal the spiritual or energetic realm. We see both worlds as One.’

In Numerology, insight can be gather about the personality of a home or building space by interpreting the numbers attached to the address. Numerology is a divination practice that reveals the mystical connection between numbers and events; people, places and objects.

How do you find the House Personality Number of a building?