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House's Personality

When walking into a home or building, whether it be our own or someone else’s, we can sense a vibe in the environment. It can be said that buildings of all kinds have an essence of personality, an energetic imprint of character.

Why would it be helpful to know the personality of a building?

Buildings have an influence of energy, which impact everything that encounters the space; people, animals, plants, objects, etc. Considering the essence or personality of a space helps to discern if the space is supportive/compatible or hindering/incompatible with you and your intention for the space.

Have you walked into a home or building and instantly felt an ‘off’ feeling?

It can be sensed when a space does not resonate with one's personal energy, just as it can be sensed when a space does resonate. When a space doesn't resonate, we may feel not as comfortable and open or inspired and free-flowing. When a space feels 'off', there could be conflicting energies present or challenges with creating balance and harmony. Some House Personalities support businesses, while other House Personalities support starting families or an entertainment venue. If one wanted to start a family but moved into a space that supports isolation and individuality, there could be conflicting energies preventing one's intention from being supported and manifesting.

We likely look at the physical components of a space and judge if our needs and desires are going to be met through the compatibility of what is seen, however, it can also be helpful to consider the energetic realm and the compatibility of its influence.

‘We seemingly live in two worlds; the physical and the spiritual. Numbers are windows in the physical realm that reveal the spiritual or energetic realm. We see both worlds as One.’

In Numerology, insight can be gather about the personality of a home or building space by interpreting the numbers attached to the address. Numerology is a divination practice that reveals the mystical connection between numbers and events; people, places and objects.

How do you find the House Personality Number of a building?

Take the numbers of the address, add them together and reduce until a single digit.


823 Main St

  • (Ignore the street name - Main St)

  • Add together the Numbers 8 + 2 + 3 = 13, 1 + 3 = 4

  • #4 House Personality

170 17th St

  • (Ignore the street Number - 17th)

  • Add together the Numbers 1 + 7 + 0 = 8

  • #8 House Personality

(Apartment) 142 Mount Ave, Apt #15

  • (Ignore the street Number and name, 142 Mount Ave)

  • Add together the apartment Numbers 1 + 5 = 6

  • #6 House Personality

(Apartment) 231 Spire St, Apt #4C

  • (Ignore the street Number and name, 231 Spire St)

  • Convert the apartment letter C into a Number [see below for alphabet/number conversion]

  • Add together the apartment letter and Number 4 + 3(C) = 7

  • #7 House Personality


Numeric Alphabet Conversion


#1 - House Personality

  • Best for people self-employed and single people

  • Energy encourages maintaining independence, personal freedom, strength, stability, innovation and autonomy

  • Compatible energy for starting a business, working from home or looking to discover more about yourself

  • Energy strengthens determination and confidence for those in the environment

#1 Challenging Compatibility

  • If looking for a relationship, this personality supports the opposite and enhances personal independence in relationships

  • If prone to loneliness, this personality increases too much ‘self’ energy and can increase feelings of loneliness

  • If desiring a cozy, soft and fuzzy environment, it will not be #1 House Personality

*If the second to last reduction of the address was 19/1 (1 + 9 = 10, 1 + 0 = 1), this signifies an added challenge in the space. To reduce these challenges, this space would be best utilized for community service groups, environmental organizations, adopting agencies, group homes, new businesses and any organization with the intention to give back to others; selflessness.

#2 - House Personality

  • Best for promoting loving relationships, devotion to groups as a whole, romantic partners, young families and roommates who are good friends

  • Energy encourages a space of nurture and harmony

  • Supports a quiet, calm and balanced environment

  • Compatible with cozy and comfortable

  • Best for those desiring to be nurtured and comforted

  • Energy encourages sensitivities, affection to be expressed and shared, and intimate gatherings

#2 Challenge Compatibility

  • If desiring independence, this personality supports partnership and interdependence

  • If a business is going to be started, this personality will bring out more emotion and sensitivities in people as opposed to creativity or logic

  • If looking for high energy, fast pace or a party space, it will not be #2 House Personality

#3 - House Personality

  • Best for those starting a family, large families and animals

  • Energy encourages creative vibes

  • Compatible with artists, anyone in the creative field or starting an artistic endeavor

  • Energy supports entertaining, social gatherings and an upbeat nature

  • Best for those desiring to have social gatherings, entertain in the home, host parties and live life to the fullest

#3 Challenge Compatibility

  • If looking to live a quiet, calm lifestyle, this personality supports the opposite; fast pace, child-like energy

  • If desiring to save money, this personality encourages spending money often and indulging in materialism

  • This personality can also influence feeling scattered and unfocused

#4 - House Personality

  • Best for expanding businesses, growing a family and taking control of finances

  • Compatible if preferring stability and structure over change

  • Best for those wanting to make their space conventional

  • Compatible with those seeking a serious, grounded vibration

  • Energy supports protection, practicality, discipline, structure and responsibility

  • Compatible with those desiring an earthy lifestyle, benefits of a garden and living with plants

#4 Challenge Compatibility

  • If desiring change, this personality supports the opposite and increases a sense of structure and routine

  • This personality encourages working hard, and can influence workaholic tendencies

  • If looking to live a lifestyle of unconventional living, this personality could feel like confinement and restriction

*If the last reduction of your address was 13/4 (1 + 3 = 4), this signifies an added challenge in the space. To reduce these challenges, this space would be best utilized for families, banking, accounting, law offices, publishing groups and schools.

#5 - House Personality

  • Best for those seeking a party house, entertainment space and people constantly visiting/coming and going

  • Energy promotes variety and change

  • Compatible with those desiring to live life to its fullest and tackle problems fearlessly

  • Energy is vibrant, active, social, dynamic and chaotic

  • Energy teaches lessons about acceptance, the focused use of freedom, dynamic change and facing fears

#5 Challenge Compatibility

  • This personality can encourage life-long lessons to arise

  • If desiring to live alone, this personality can encourage constant visitors

  • If desiring a structured lifestyle, this personality encourages the opposite; spontaneous events and chaos

  • If looking for a quiet, calm place of stability, it will not be #5 House Personality

*If the last reduction of your address was 14/5 (1 + 4 = 5), this signifies an added challenge in the space. To reduce these challenges, this space would be best utilized for artists, unconventional living, hotels, vacation rentals and any business that thrives from transient people.

#6 - House Personality

  • Best for families

  • Energy encourages a sanctuary where everyone feels welcome

  • Compatible with children and animals

  • Energy supports love, harmony and family

  • Compatible with those desiring to decorate for comfort, and live with plants in the interior

  • Energy encourages responsibility, especially in domestic duties

#6 Challenge Compatibility

  • If looking for a lifestyle of little responsibility, this personality supports the opposite and could feel weighed down with responsibility

  • If desiring a lifestyle that requires leaving home often, this personality increases domestic responsibilities and tending to home life

  • If single or living alone, this personality can increase feelings of loneliness

  • This personality can encourage people to stay in their home like a cocoon and avoid venturing out to engage with the world

#7 - House Personality

  • Best for those seeking a quiet place to reflect, ideal for introverts

  • Energy is a private vibration and somewhat secretive

  • Energy inspires deep thought, reflection, introspection, spirituality

  • Compatible with those seeking to have less clutter in the environment

  • Compatible with those working in specialties (writer, professor, scientist, artist, craftsman, etc.)

  • Energy supports taking time to know yourself in a deep profound way

#7 Challenge Compatibility

  • If desiring to grow a partnership, this personality encourages the opposite and may influence people to focus more on themselves

  • If looking to live an upbeat lifestyle or entertain a party house, it will not be #7 House Personality

*If the last reduction of your address was 16/7 (1 + 6 = 7), this signifies an added challenge in the space. To reduce these challenges, this space would be best utilized for churches, temples, colleges, trade schools, spiritual groups and any business specializing in a specific field.

#8 - House Personality

  • Best for those wanting to expand their status in the world, expand their position in life or expand their financial wealth and size of family

  • Energy supports expansion, growth, prosperity, abundance and ambition

  • Best for those who are career driven, entrepreneurs and working from home

  • Compatible with those seeking high energy

#8 Challenge Compatibility

  • If desiring a relaxing environment, this personality supports the opposite; encouraging upheavals and constant transformation

  • If looking to live a minimalist lifestyle, this personality encourages collecting or hoarding; a strong desire to get more and more

  • This personality can influence workaholic habits, and constantly upgrading for ‘show’ purposes

  • This personality can encourage constant remodeling in the space, possibly leading to a money pit

#9 - House Personality

  • Best for all; everyone is drawn to this personality

  • Energy supports compassion, acceptance, community and humanitarianism

  • Compatible with those desiring visits from people from all over the world

  • Energy supports learning a great amount about self and others

  • Energy promotes creativity, spirituality, giving, forgiveness and selflessness

  • Compatible with those desiring to start a charity or become involved in helping the community

  • Energy supports changing the world to make it a better place


The terms compatible and incompatible aren’t black and white with the House Personalities. For example, if a large family moved into a space of #1 House Personality, this doesn’t necessarily mean the space is incompatible with their family. This personality would encourage more individualism within the family members, as well as a high sense of energy and motivation. If the family is wanting to focus on teamwork and bonding, this could be seen as challenging or incompatible because this personality will encourage independent thinking and headstrong attitudes. However, if this family is desiring to build a sense of independence within their family, this could be seen as a complimentary or a compatible match.

When exploring the personality of your house or any space, remember that each personality has an essence of qualities and characteristics influencing the environment, which enhances those qualities in the people of the environment.


If you have any questions about a house or building number, the House Personalities or Numerology, feel free to reach out: or

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