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  • Tay Lotus

Birthday Superpower

The day of birth in Numerology can be interpreted as gifts, skills or inborn talents a soul will have in their incarnation. These gifts are meant to aid in a soul’s mission, life challenges and ultimate success and fulfillment. This is one of the 5 Core Numbers in Numerology, however, this placement specifically reveals talents to a marked degree, and can be seen as the least impacting Core Number out of the 5.

The gift reflected in your birthday can be utilized like a superpower. It’s unique to your soul, and will be a powerful strength within the fabrication of your essence. Below will be a list of Numbers 1 - 31, and potential superpowers of that Number.

1st = Superpowers of an iron will, strength and self-sufficiency

2nd = Superpowers of peace, gentleness, telepathy and connection

3rd = Superpowers of imagination, creativity and spellcasting

4th = Superpowers of heart, matter manipulation and the earth element

5th = Superpowers of the chameleon, expansion and adaptation

6th = Superpowers of nurture, healing, physical empathy and rejuvenation

7th = Superpowers of intuition, knowledge, psychokinesis and clairvoyance

8th = Superpowers of material manifestation, soul-force energy and transformation