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Karmic Lesson Numbers

Each letter in your full name reflects unique characteristics, traits, talents and skills that you possess in this lifetime. To reveal these insights through Numerology, each letter is converted to a number 1 - 9.

1 = A, J, S 2 = B, K, T 3 = C, L, U 4 = D, M, V 5 = E, N, W

6 = F, O, X 7 = G, P, Y 8 = H, Q, Z 9 = I, R

If there are one or more numbers (1 - 9) missing from your full name at birth, these numbers are referred to as Karmic Lessons in Numerology. The missing Numbers in your name indicate lessons to be learned in this lifetime, as well as specific characteristics and traits that are meant to be integrated into the core of your being.

The full name is symbolism of one's essence. Letters reflect archetypes, revealing insight into one's identity. The archetypes or characteristics found in one's name are accumulated from cell memory, the experiences of past lives. The chosen arrangement of letters shows insight into one's past life and what was previously integrated, while the missing numbers indicate lack of knowledge and understanding in a specific area. Karmic Lessons numbers are best utilized for reflecting and understanding the present challenges and lessons to be learned in this lifetime.

The missing numbers in one's full name are meant to be integrated, and are interchangeable by adding or removing a letter (number). This change can take place many times if desired, or intentionally to harness specific archetypes and characteristics. This can be done through identifying with a nickname, or changing one's name. Choosing a name besides the name given at birth, shows a shift in one's identity. The name given at birth, and its characteristics, will still impact one's essence, however, the change in identification will also influence a shift within one's characteristics. The change could transmute lessons by adding numbers that were previously missing or could remove numbers that were present as a talent and strength. If numbers are removed that were present at birth, this indicates there is further growth, understanding and integration needed within that number and characteristics. The archetype lies in the background of one's essence since there isn't identification with those characteristics. Changing names can have more importance than we think!

The impact of Karmic Lesson numbers are active until transcendence, even if the number has been integrated into a one's name. The lessons of these numbers help one to further understand specific characteristics, skills and talents already within themselves, that need to be awakened and embodied.

If you have a number missing from your full name BUT the number is present is one of the core placements in your chart, this indicates you will have less challenges when learning the given lessons; it may be easier for you to integrate the needed characteristics (below are the five core numbers in Numerology).

  1. Life Path (life themes, potential)

  2. Birth Day (inborn talents)

  3. Expression (potential)

  4. Heart’s Desire (soul yearnings)

  5. Outer Personality (representation to others)

If you also have Karmic Lesson numbers as a Challenge number in your chart, this indicates the lessons will appear frequently and learning these lessons will be more challenging.

Below are 3 main themes within the learnings of each Karmic Lesson Number.

Karmic Lesson Number Themes:

Karmic Lesson #1

  • Learning independence

  • Learning to stand up for yourself

  • Learning self-confidence

Karmic Lesson #2

  • Learning to be a partner

  • Learning about personal feelings and sensitivities

  • Learning how to help constructively

Karmic Lesson #3

  • Learning self-expression

  • Learning to embrace creativity

  • Learning self-discipline and focus

Karmic Lesson #4

  • Learning how to work hard

  • Learning how to work through obstacles

  • Learning organization and structure

Karmic Lesson #5

  • Learning freedom

  • Learning balance

  • Learning flexibility and adaptability

Karmic Lesson #6

  • Learning to take on responsibility

  • Learning to serve the Self and selfless serve others equally

  • Learning to embrace creativity

Karmic Lesson #7

  • Learning self-reflection and self-refinement

  • Learning to express vulnerable emotions

  • Learning how to trust and surrender to a higher source (spirituality)

Karmic Lesson #8

  • Learning how to manage finances and money

  • Learning how to utilize personal power

  • Learning to balance material and spiritual aspects of Self and life

Karmic Lesson #9

  • Learning how to selfless serve humanity/humankind.

  • Learning how to forgive and let go

  • Learning compassion and unconditional love


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