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  • Tay Lotus

5 Core Numbers

In Numerology, there are 25+ equations that are possible for interpretation. Each equation is found by utilizing a soul’s birthday, Name, or both, and reflects a specific area of experience, characteristic or potential. Out of the possible equations, there are 5 that are interpreted by Numerologists as Core Number placements.

  1. Life Path Number (mission, purpose, life test)

  2. Birth Day Number (talents, gifts)

  3. Expression/Destiny Number (soul potential)

  4. Heart’s Desire/Soul Urge Number (soul’s yearning to fulfill, past life indicator)

  5. Outer Personality Number (personality characteristics)

These are interpreted as Core Numbers because these equations reflect core building blocks to a soul’s essence and identity. Numerology equations reflect insight about a soul’s outer experience or inner experience, and these placements reflect the inner experience; the creation of ‘you’, the soul. Every manifestation is birthed from accumulated energy, therefore, these placements reflect the accumulated energy that has created the manifestation of ‘you’. When interpreting these placements, they can be seen as what has been acted upon until the birth of this life, as well as the patterns and potentials possible throughout this incarnation.

Two of the five core placements cannot be changed during a soul’s incarnation because they are found utilizing a soul’s birthday. These two equations are the Life Path Number and the Birth Day Number. The date of birth does not change, and reflects core aspects of a soul’s essence. The other three placements are found by utilizing the letters in a soul’s Name, and adding them together in various arrangements. Since it’s possible and likely for some souls to experience a name-change throughout an incarnation, these three placements can reflect the parts of self that can change, and are interpreted alongside the birth Name. All five core placement are a key ingredient to the manifestation of you, and the connection between self and the world around.

Below will be information on the five core placements in Numerology, how to find them for yourself and why it’s an important building block in the manifestation of ‘you’.

Life Path Number

The Life Path Number is found by reducing a soul’s birthday to single digit Numbers, then adding them together and reducing until a single digit or repeating Number (#11, #22 or #33).